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Sant'Ambrogio software packages


Sant'Ambrogio software packages are available in two versions: NEXTGEN and CLASSIC.


NextGen is the new generation of software, with 3D modelling, for mechanical design and verification of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, according to the prescriptions of ASME VIII Div. 1, Div. 2, EN 13445-3, EN 13480 and AD 2000, with the option of calculating loads due to wind and earthquakes according to NTC, Eurocodes, UBC 97, ASCE 7-10, modules for the calculation of loads on nozzles according to WRC 107/297/537, tubesheets according to TEMA IX and structural analysis of vertical columns

The software includes a database of the standard components used in pressure vessels, with reference to ASME/ANSI B16, B31, EN 1092-1, EN 1759-1, etc.
Immediate recalculation of equipment according to the selected standard, 3D graphics, simple and intuitive use makes NextGen an extremely powerful software to achieve optimized design in a less time-consuming way.

Sant'Ambrogio software packages are available in two versions: NEXTGEN and CLASSIC.


CLASSIC is the traditional version of software for calculation and cost evaluation of pressure equipment.


The main programs available in CLASSIC version are being transferred to the NextGen platform.


Sant’Ambrogio software


Sant’Ambrogio software suite is not only designed to meet the requirements of technical prescriptions.  The software is aimed at obtaining a calculation report with all the necessary data to prepare the manufacturing drawings and bill of materials needed for the fabrication, the designer receiving indications for choosing the most economical solution of those permitted by the standard. 

The programs are the result of integrating the skills and experience of team members consisting of engineers, technicians, software developers, which use their own software to conduct their design activities.
That’s why programs are design oriented.

The software has a modular structure, so users can customize it as they wish. Sant’Ambrogio provides immediate technical assistance and offers the possibility to personalize the software in case of specific customer requirements.